IPFS Cluster - Collaborative Clusters

Collaborative clusters are public IPFS Clusters that anyone can join to help replicating and re-distributing content on the IPFS network.

List of Clusters

  Filecoin Params
Description The Filecoin cluster holds filecoin proofs and filecoin-related binaries.
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow filecoin run --init filecoin.collab.ipfscluster.io
Size 100GB (expected to grow over time to 500GB)
Cluster version 0.13.0
Hosted by Protocol Labs

  Project Gutenberg (Spanish)
Description Spanish eBooks from Project Gutenberg, in HTML format.
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow gutenberg_es run --init gutenberg-es.collab.ipfscluster.io
Size 1GB
Cluster version 0.13.0
Hosted by Protocol Labs
Tooling gutenberg-to-ipfs repository

  IPFS Websites
Description A collection of IPFS related websites (ipfs.io, libp2p.io, docs.ipfs.io…)
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow ipfs-websites run --init ipfs-websites.collab.ipfscluster.io
Size 600MB
Cluster version 0.13.0
Hosted by Protocol Labs
Tooling pin-websites.sh

Description package mirror for ArchLinux and Manjaro
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow pkg.pacman.store run --init cluster.pkg.pacman.store
Size around 150GB (might grow and fluctuate over time)
Cluster version 0.13.0
Hosted by @RubenKelevra
How-To Use Introduction
Tooling pacman.store toolset

  CORD-19 Mirror
Description COVID-19 research datasets mirror known as CORD-19
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow cord19-datasets run --init cord19.temporal.cloud
Size 700MB
Cluster version 0.12.1
Hosted by RTrade Technologies Ltd / Temporal
Tooling cord19-collaborative-cluster

  ipfs-search.com daily index snapshots
Description Incremental, daily, Elasticsearch snapshots of the full search index.
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow ipfs-search run --init cluster.ipfs-search.com
Size ~500GB
Cluster version 0.12.1
Hosted by ipfs-search.com

  Ravencoin.Network IPFS cluster powered by Ravenland
Description The Ravencoin cluster contains the IPFS content of all Ravencoin assets
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow ipfs-search run --init ipfs-collab.ravencoin.network
Size ~100GB (ought to grow over time with new asset creation)
Cluster version 0.12.1
Hosted by Ravenland.org
  George Floyd 2020 Protest Media Archive
Description Archive for all media related to the George Floyd 2020 protests
Init&Run ipfs-cluster-follow 2020pb-dataset run --init 2020pb.temporal.cloud
Size ~7.9GB (will grow over time)
Cluster version 0.12.1
Hosted by Temporal.Cloud


You can join a collaborative cluster by running a “follower” peer (a peer without write access to the Cluster’s pinset). In order to run a follower peer:

Note that ipfs-cluster-follow will try to pin the full archive, so you will need at least as much space available in your node as the Size requirement indicates for each archive.

Follow as many collaborative clusters as you want, the different follower peers will run in parallel!

You can obtain more help about ipfs-cluster-follow usage here.

Helping the project

Help us distribute and backup important data on the IPFS network. You can help us by: